Custom Design

Every design starts by having a conversation about the piece of jewelry you are dreaming of, the time frame till the special occasion, and the price range that fits your lifestyle.

By using state of the art technology, we create a CAD design of your creation. During this process, we are able to make changes to the design, making sure the piece is stable and the stones are secure in the finished product.

Next, we use a 3-D printer to create a true to size resin model using the finest CAM finish for you to try on and give the final design approval.

Once you have approved the design, we cast the resin model in the metal of your choice, either gold, platinum or silver.

During stone setting, we set all the diamonds and gemstones by hand. This process allows us to make sure your stones are set securely and placed in the correct position to showcase and enhance the brilliance of your stones.

The final step is presenting you with the piece of jewelry you dreamed about, helped to create, and will be able to wear for a lifetime.